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What Does It Mean to Be a Diamond Certified Mover?

Professional movers offer many benefits that can help you throughout the relocation of your home or business. But not all moving companies are created equally. Determining which ones are right to consider hiring for your move can be challenging. What does a moving company being Diamond Certified mean?

What Are Diamond Certified Professional Movers?

Finding a professional mover means locating one who can handle all aspects of your move, be it local, intrastate, or interstate. When you opt for a Diamond Certified mover, you know that the moving company has met rigorous standards of excellence and customer satisfaction.

What are those standards, and how does that impact the quality of your move?

Quality and Expertise – To receive a Diamon Certified designation, a moving company undergoes a 12-step certification process, which evaluates various aspects of the company, including its quality of service and expertise. The company must achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 90 or higher.

Exclusive Recognition – Not all companies can achieve Diamond Certified status. Only those who excel in multiple areas earn this recognition. So, if your professional movers have this certification, it can give you peace of mind, knowing they can handle the demands of your move.

Comprehensive Evaluation – The evaluation incorporates a number of different factors, including the following:

  • Customer satisfaction ratings are based on feedback from a large, random sample of actual customers through telephone surveys.
  • Insurance coverage of the moving company is assessed, including whether its policies offer protection to both the customers and the employees.
  • License verification involves verifying that all licensing is up to date for the company.
  • Business practices are reviewed for evidence of ethical business practices in their interactions with customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Complaints filed against the company are also taken into account as part of the certification process.

There are multiple different types of certifications for moving companies. Still, the Diamond Certified moving companies have undergone the most rigorous review to achieve this designation and continue to be regularly monitored with ongoing research and ratings. Remember to check a mover’s certification before hiring them. It is also essential to look for companies certified by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) to ensure they meet industry standards and regulations. Doing so lets you be comfortable that your moving company meets current standards.

How to Choose the Right Professional Mover

To choose the right mover to fit your needs, it is vital to do your research. Check out online reviews, especially on trusted sites like Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau, to gauge their level of service and customer satisfaction. You should also verify that the moving company is licensed and insured, thus meeting legal requirements and offering protection if something were to get damaged. The more responsive the company is, the easier it is to work with them. You also should be able to get regular updates on the progress of your move, especially if it is intrastate or long-distance.

Quantum Moving is Diamond Certified, meaning they are a top-rated professional moving company. We will provide a high level of service throughout your move. Contact us today to schedule a discussion about your move and to get an estimate.