Professional Moving
at Light Speed

Our Process

3% cash discount is offered on moves over 100 miles Intrastate.

The moving process starts with the sales estimate.  We always answer the phone promptly and do not put you on hold for hours to speak to an estimator.  If we do not pick up the call right away, we will call you back within minutes and not hours or days.  We will provide you with the owner’s cell phone numbers so you can call to ask questions or report an issue.  Who else does that?  No one.  Our sales team is always very polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. 

Moving Process

We do not ever guess how much you are moving.  No one can guess how much inventory a customer must move by talking about it on the phone.  We offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION, in-home or video estimates to all relocations over two bedrooms in size.  By looking at your inventory we can accurately predict how much truck space or time is needed to complete your move.

It is not easy to estimate the volume/weight of a large home full of fragile items, heavy items, boxes, and furniture.  It takes years of experience to get it right.  Most companies get it wrong which is why they want to charge you more later most of the time.  Our estimator has over 14 years of experience and almost always calculates your inventory size exactly to within about 5%.  Whether it is a local move billed by the hour with a NOT TO EXCEED price or a longer move to southern California with a FLAT RATE price, we always get it right.  Does experience count?  You bet it does.

We always provide 100% transparency on the cost of packing labor and materials so that there are no surprises or unexpected costs.  You will always know ALL the costs before the move starts.

We pride ourselves on having great communication skills.  There is no mystery.  We inform the customer about everything that will happen on move day, so they know exactly what to expect.  We send email reminders and check in the day before the move to confirm everything and make sure we know what we are packing and moving so we bring the correct materials and equipment needed.  We also check access and parking.

We are super careful in the moving process.  So many things can get damaged during a move it is a ridiculous amount of liability for the movers!  From floors being scratched or tiles cracked to furniture scuffs and damage, to glass top breakage, piano damage, glass framed artwork and mirrors breaking and reassembly of furniture going wrong.  We believe that the only way to reduce the risk of damages is to go overboard and protect absolutely EVERYTHING!

We insist on glass items being packed in boxes, all furniture items get wrapped with moving blankets and shrink wrap and not just shrink wrap which is not sufficient.  We include free mattress bags for the beds and wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.  We put floor runners on the floors and do not move any liquids, flammables, or hazardous materials.

ALL our movers and drivers have at least 5-15+ years of experience.  If your items are going to be loaded on the truck correctly to avoid damages, you better have an experienced driver loading the truck or things are going to move around and get damaged.  All our drivers have at least 10-15+ years’ experience.  Does that really matter?  You bet it does!  Not all companies have experienced drivers.  They are very hard to find and they command a higher pay rate but they are well worth their weight in gold.

In the last 4 years we have moved over 2000 customers all over California (about 500 per year) with NO major damages and NO Claims or Complaints filed.  Small nicks and minor damages were all taken care of in a timely manner.  We have only lost 1 box in 4 years.  Nothing has been stollen or gone missing.  All our movers are 100% honest and friendly.

We NEVER overbook moves.  To be able to supply the correct size truck and the correct number of movers for each job, we are very careful not to overbook our calendar.  Most moving companies do not pay attention to this and tend to get greedy and overbook.  Then on move day they show up with less movers or a truck that is too small or worse still, they do not show up at all. This never happens with us.  We make sure of it.  We are professionals.

We follow all the PUC guidelines and rules in the moving industry, and we give pricing according to these rules and regulations.  For example, all moves that are under 100 miles MUST be billed hourly with a NOT TO EXCEED price which is given either at the estimate or before the move begins.  All moves that are over 100 miles MUST be a FLAT RATE price based on weight or volume.  The only way our price will increase is if the customer adds inventory items or requests some additional services not originally agreed upon.

It is illegal to increase the price of a FLAT RATE priced move if the inventory has not changed and no additional services were requested.  We hear that this happens a lot with other less honest moving companies.  Although we are allowed to charge extra on long distance moves for stairs, elevators, bulky items and long carries, we never or rarely do.

We are always on time.  We offer next day deliveries for long distance moves within California and we have never been late or missed a pick-up or delivery in over 4 years in business.

Our drivers do not drive more than the daily allowable maximum and they are always take their breaks, so they do not fall asleep at the wheel.

We perform daily truck inspections and do preventative maintenance service on our trucks regularly to ensure that they do not break down. All these factors add up to providing every customer with a superior moving experience.  We are the last honest mover.  We deliver excellent service and provide everything that you would expect from a professional, 5-star rated moving company.  If you want to find out how a great move should go, give us a try. I guarantee that you will be happy with the results, or your move is FREE.