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Kirsten S. Avatar
Kirsten S.
5 star rating
We had a great experience with our move, it was fast, efficient and cost effective. We did have something that broke accidentally and as promised was replaced.
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Timotheus T. Avatar
Timotheus T.
5 star rating
The whole process was smooth and dependable end to end, with Dan and Stephen at first doing a video walkthrough and advising us on crew size / time / cost tradeoffs, and later with their Operations team.

The moving crew showed up early, before we were ready, and were totally fine waiting a few minutes while we got ready. They were among the absolute best crews we've experienced. The were so easy to work with and were careful and respectful of our belongings, houses and needs, and worked very hard and non-stop and had our packing and move done in less time than we'd imagined.

Packing was thoughtful yet super fast. Moving too. Zero nicks, rough handling or anything like that. They were happy to work with our labelling system, and placed literally every box and item exactly where we wanted them, which massively minimized our post-move unpacking work.

Definitely among the easiest and most stress free moves for us. Putting "stress free" and "move" in the same sentence is saying a lot! Big thank you to the entire team!
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J C. Avatar
J C.
5 star rating
They were friendly, efficient and strong great communicators and organized. I would use them again
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Ellen F. Avatar
Ellen F.
5 star rating
Excellent company to work with! Dan was responsive and answered all of my questions clearly, they confirmed the move when they said they would, and the movers were on time and efficient. The movers did a great job wrapping everything and loading and unloading carefully and quickly. My move took less than 4 hours because of their efficiency and it was worth every penny. Highly recommend and would def hire them again.
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Paulina B. Avatar
Paulina B.
5 star rating
Just completed a 2BR2BA move from OC to the Bay with Quantum, and I highly, highly recommend them!

P.S. I get nothing for this review. I say this bc I'm always suspicious of companies that only have 5 star reviews, like maybe the reviewers are just trying to get some deal in exchange for a 5 star review, but there is no deal of that sort, and this company really does deserve the 5 stars.

OC team: Don & Alex
Bay team: Don, Ivan, & Jonathan

Don met me in the OC at 7am (an hour earlier than originally planned, which was great bc the earlier the better!). Alex joined him and the 2 of them loaded everything onto a truck, where only my items were stored (i.e. they didn't combine my stuff with other peoples') and stayed (i.e. my items stayed in the truck overnight in Concord before Don drove it to my new home the following morning--they did not move it to a new truck or unload anywhere). In the Bay, Don met me at 9:30am with Ivan & Jonathan. Everyone was so professional and kind.

I chose Quantum after an extensive look into reviews on Yelp and Reddit. I'm in the midst of a hectic life transition that this move happened to intersect with, but the team made it so much less stressful!! I had an initial call with Stephen on FaceTime where he took inventory of my things and gave me a not-to-exceed price. I got quotes from 5 other companies: Quantum wasn't the lowest, but I'm willing to pay a little extra for a job done right.

Everyone was very careful with our belongings. I've now opened all our boxes, can confirm nothing is broken, and they were great about communicating with me during moving day to make sure my boxes and furniture got to the right rooms (I was expecting them to just pile everything in the main room, and I'd just deal with it later, but I really appreciated that they through the trouble of making less work for me).

I used a different moving company in 2021 when I moved from the Bay to OC (my 1st time ever using movers), and 2 boxes of dishes were *completely* broken and most of our furniture had dings. I packed my own belongings both times, and I used both bubble wrap AND foam--that other company must've drop-kicked my stuff...and then never answered when I tried to tell them about it (I wasn't even trying to look for compensation--just wanted to give them feedback so it didn't happen to others). I've nothing to complain about with Quantum, so I haven't had to contact them post-move, but this company seems to have integrity and will take care of you if there are problems that arise.

Will definitely be reaching back out when I have to move again.
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Clare H. Avatar
Clare H.
5 star rating
I literally can't say enough about these guys! For me, moving is the worst activity on earth! These guys actually made it completely PAINLESS, and almost FUN!! They are so quick and yet so careful, and absolutely respectful of your belongings and your home. Everything wrapped. Not one scratch. Absolute perfection. Alby is an awesome human, skilled at his craft and great sense of humor. Ivan and Jonathan were so kind and hard working! Just lovely guys. Competitively priced.
Five stars is not enough. The guys, and Quantum Moving, deserve 100 stars!!!
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Raffi B. Avatar
Raffi B.
5 star rating
Moving is a crazy and stressful event, but I can tell you after hiring these guys, that you don't need to stress about what you hired them to do. We moved 400 miles and exactly one thing (that was already cracked) broke. 3 bedrooms worth of stuff. One (already) broken item. That's a win.
We packed everything and they executed the heavy lifting, driving, and personnel. They told us a price and a maximum ceiling and they not only stuck to it, but came in well under the cieling after we needed a couple of last-minute services (like boxing up big plants and what not).
I've heard horror stories of other people's moves with different companies: Missing bits, broken valuables, movers that double the quote and won't leave til they're paid. NONE OF THAT with Quantum.
They're honest, thorough, helpful, very nice, fast, reliable, and careful. They weren't eaxctly the cheapest option, they weren't close to the most expensive either, but they 100% live up to the great reviews. They're worth it. They got the personnel. Go Quantum. You won't be sorry.
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Michelle V. Avatar
Michelle V.
5 star rating
I hired Quantum Moving company on February 12, 2024, to move my stuff from a storage unit in Concord to my new house in Fairfield, CA. The 3 employees were there 10 minutes before the scheduled time of 8 am and got right to work. They had my stuff unloaded at my house by 11:30. They were accommodating with moving the heavy furniture into the house and putting it where I wanted it to go. All 3 employees were very efficient and professional. When I got the bill for my move, it was well below the estimated quote given to me over the phone. I will HIGHLY recommend Quantum Moving company.
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Adrienne V. Avatar
Adrienne V.
1 star rating
They won't give me a quote and told me they're not interested in working with me because I mentioned that the house had mold remediation. They came highly recommended, but this is just very unprofessional. I do not recommend this company.
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Julia P. Avatar
Julia P.
5 star rating
We hired Quantum to move our 1-bedroom apartment this month and they did a fantastic job! Humberto, Jonathan, Carlos and Ivan were fast, efficient, easy to communicate, and took great care of our belongings. They went above and beyond to protect some delicate pieces we had, which we really appreciated. We had a great experience! Would definitely hire them again and highly recommend them for anyone moving in the Bay Area.
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Zack L. Avatar
Zack L.
5 star rating
Top notch moving company, my wife and I used them for the second time in 3 years recently. We used them for a local move, and had Quantum pack our boxes. Were reliable and on-time with the in-person quote, efficient with the packing and moving day, and easy to work with. We realized that our bed was put back together wrong, and called Quantum around 6 pm - they promptly sent someone out to come and fix it the same night so that we were all set. Pricing was much more reasonable, when compared with the other highly rated movers that served our area. Couldn't recommend enough, Dan takes a lot of pride in what he does, which definitely filters through into company culture. Thanks guys!
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Bijoy B. Avatar
Bijoy B.
5 star rating
The crew members were on time. They did great job moving our furnitures. They were strong and gentle. Thank you!!
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Alex C. Avatar
Alex C.
5 star rating
Quantum Moving did a fantastic job of packing and moving us. The guys were incredibly professional and helpful, and they honored the quote they gave us despite it being maybe a bigger job than they expected. Absolute professionals - would highly recommend.
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Christine P. Avatar
Christine P.
5 star rating
I had the pleasure of meeting Jim, Johnathan and Ivan. Three extremely professional and knowledgeable movers. I had to move from a 3 bedroom home into an apartment. These guys were so careful and caring with my furniture and boxes. I felt like they were moving their own items and made sure to ask questions every step of the way. Excellent work! I highly recommend them!! I was pleased with the price as well! Done within 5 hours!
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Duraideivamani S. Avatar
Duraideivamani S.
5 star rating
I had a wonderful service from Quantum today for my inter-city movement within California state. Their staff Edwin and Alberto were very professional, skilled, service oriented and much helpful/supportive. I got them connected through a referral and happy with the choice and service, end-to-end.
Good value for money with quick, efficient, safe overall service.
Thank you very much Dan Polikoff (CeO) and Stephen (Sales Manager).
God bless.
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Aparajita S. Avatar
Aparajita S.
5 star rating
Quantum was a great company to work with! Dan came to our home, took careful notes, gave a thoughtful estimate, and then the week before our move did a video walkthrough to revise his estimate. His moving crew was professional, punctual, friendly, and genuinely eager to help out! Our kids were running around and they didn't mind that at all! The move-in day was similarly fluid. They showed up on time and were patient, flexible, and positive. Moving is so stressful and I felt that working with them made the days much easier! I didn't worry about our stuff at all. Everything was moved and installed in great condition. I would highly recommend working with them. Also, they moved my elderly parents 6 months before we moved, and were so kind and helpful to them. Highly recommend them!
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Alaina G. Avatar
Alaina G.
5 star rating
We had the best experience with Quantum moving and would use them again in the future. Our 3 movers arrived on time, were friendly and incredibly helpful, and hustled the whole time. Super impressed with our crew and they finished under schedule. Thank you Quantum Moving!
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Kathren M. Avatar
Kathren M.
5 star rating
What a relief to have a process that can be so stressful handled with care and expert service. Quantum went the extra mile to make certain that everything was taken care of in a good way. All communications with the team were positive and helpful. All of our belongings were treated with care and arrived safely at the destination. 5 star rating for communication, professionalism, and expert service.
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Lou B. Avatar
Lou B.
5 star rating
If you're looking for the best all-around moving company, look no further than Quantum Moving. We have used them twice in the past and have zero complaints. From the top to the movers themselves, they are always friendly, respectful and efficient. Their prices and service are above the others that we have used in the past. We are referring my mom and daughter to use them because our positive experiences. You will not be disappointed!
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Summer V. Avatar
Summer V.
5 star rating
These guys were efficient, protected everything so well, and quoted me super accurately. I can't recommend them highly enough.
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